Monday, November 23, 2009

Congress Postponed for Lack of Funds

The Party Congress has been postponed. Apparently this is because of a lack of funds.

Already, the event has been scaled back from the glamour of previous years. According to Congress organisers, the number of spaces has been cut, many distinguished party members have been told not to come and many of the delegates will be sitting on the floor in TENTS.

But why are there no funds? They must be out there but they are just not going into the Congress. Who controls the Chiadzwa diamond fields, for example? It does not seem to be the IG. Obviously this source of enormous wealth should flow directly into government control. But where is the money going? Certainly not into paying for the Fifth Congress, not into hospitals or schools. There is one simple explanation: it is being stolen.

The main mine in Chiadzwa – Marange – is controlled by the army and the profits go straight to the corrupt generals and brigadiers at the top of the tree.

ZANU (PF) is not in control. Mnangagwa and the Mujurus fight each other and blame the MDC for all of Zimbabwe’s ills, while failing to see the true threat that faces them. The money from the diamonds is going straight to the military. According to a source in Marange, over 400 million rands worth of diamonds were sold in the last two months. And who reaps the profits? Surely it can’t all be going to Chiwenga, Chihuri, Gideon Gono and a small gang around them.

This money belongs to the people of Zimbabwe. Friends of ZANU (PF) – we need to stand up to the thieves in our midst. We must throw them out! If President Mugabe won’t – or more likely, can’t – we need to take action from within. The Congress is the time to do this.

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  1. Zimbabwe won’t be able to help itself. Look at it. The only solution to the Zimbabwe crisis is a foreign sponsored mercenary coup.