Tuesday, November 10, 2009

SADC Turns on ZANU (PF)

Last week, something important happened in Maputo. For the first time SADC, the Southern African Development Community, made a statement on Zimbabwe which puts real pressure on ZANU (PF) and President Mugabe. It demands that the President and Morgan Tsvangirai to resolve their differences and move forward the Global Political Agreement.

Firstly, it “urged” both parties in Zimbabwe’s Inclusive Government to “comply with the spirit and letter” of the GPA.

Secondly, it urged the parties not to allow the situation to deteriorate any further.

Thirdly, it tasked the two parties to engage in “dialogue” on all the outstanding issues from the GPA and gave them 30 days to do so.

Tsvangirai, having lost his temper over the Roy Bennett scandal, agreed to re-engage.

Until now, the SADC has been a close supporter of ZANU (PF) and the President. Why have they now turned on us? Because we deserve it!

Finally, South Africa – i.e. Jacob Zuma – has thrown its weight fully behind the GPA. Sources who were at the summit report that Zuma ran the show and, behind closed doors, all but banged heads together to get the statement.

Now both sides will have to stop arguing and get on with the job of putting Zimbabwe back together.


  1. Tsvangirai: the mouthpiece of UK/US interests.
    Tsvangirai: controlled by imperialism.

  2. Once upon there a time there was hope. There was an opposition leader who faced the tyrant Mugabe and gave his countrymen what they lacked; a voice. Yet we receive daily reports that the inclusive government is failing. The IG was the MDC doing a deal with the devil.

  3. do I need to remind anyone here that morgan tsvangirai won the first round of presidential elections outright. we shouldn’t have an ig, we shouldn’t have mugabe.

  4. The Israelites wandered the wilderness for years before they reached the Promised Land. God has blessed Zimbabwe with His goodness, but we need a new Moses to lead us to Canaan. Mugabe is not Moses, neither is Tsvangirai. We must earnestly pray that a new leader emerges to lead us out of the desert to our destiny in the promised land that He has provided for us. Now is our Exodus. We broke the chains of white slavery as the Israelites broke the chains of their Egyptian captors. We must pray that our time in the promised land will end soon. God bless Zimbabwe.