Monday, December 7, 2009

Congress Begins

With the Congress now upon us, our focus should be placed on how we can develop as a party. Most importantly, we need to deal with the twin issues of succession and leadership. We need to establish a process by which power within the party moves smoothly between one leader and the next. As long as there is uncertainty about the process, we will see infighting and back-biting.

There has been enough infighting already in the battle for influence that has accompanied the selection of the contenders for the Presidium and the Chairmanship of the Party. Both Emmerson Mnangagwa and Didymus Mutasa, are said to be deflated at being outsmarted by the Mujuru faction. Mnangagwa, whose influence with the President looked secure a mere couple of months ago, must now be seeing the Presidency slipping away from him. But does anyone really consider Joyce Mujuru a suitable alternative? The party needs to find an alternative who is also a credible figure internationally.

It is alarming that these are the two most credible alternatives we have. How is it that a party that had so much young talent when it came to power almost thirty years ago finds itself so bereft of such talent now? The party has stagnated with the passage of time because the leadership has been more concerned to preserve their position then to secure the party¿s future. Those who have identified the need for renewal have ended having to leave the party as a consensus to challenge the status quo has always eluded it

With Mugabe now 85, we can delay no longer. We have at the very least to identify and agree on the mechanisms for appointing a successor to Mugabe. What would happen if he were to die tomorrow? The party would not unite around either Vice-president, still less so the country.

As well as strong leadership, the party also needs improved accountability. This Congress will fall short of the celebratory success that it usually is. Where has all the money gone? We need to root out the corrupt elements within the party. Corruption bleeds funding away from the party and it gives us a bad reputation which our enemies can exploit.

Anyone inside ZANU (PF) who is honest with himself knows that these are important issues.

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  1. We absolutely must face up to issues such as the leadership renewal and succession but it is now too late to try and change what has already been agreed at the provincial level. The candidates for the presidium are agreed and any attempt to change them at this stage will only throw the party off balance at just the point we need to be presenting a united front. We should stick to the candidates we already have.