Thursday, December 3, 2009

Politburo Dates Changed Again

What a farce. The dates of the Congress have again been changed. The Politburo will now be held on Wednesday 9 December, the Central Committee on 10 December, with the Congress being 11-12 December.

Rumours have it that Didymus Mutasa failed to consult President Mugabe or the party chairman when he moved it to the 15 December. And, as we now know, President Mugabe will be attending the Copenhagen Climate Change Summit.

Such an obvious lack of organisation only serves to make Morgan and the MDC more competent. We have a negative public image around the world, all this does is give the MDC more impetus to make us look disorganised and the MDC the ideal party to be in power. Let us stop this infighting and miscommunication and give the Zimbabweans the democratic government they truly deserve.

What does it say about a party when it cannot even organise its own events?


  1. This is symptomatic of the infighting and paranoia within ZANU. How does a Minister fail to report to the president? There are for too many mercenaries within the government. Everyone seems to have their own agenda – each man for himself. ZANU should sort itself out before it loses the country to Tsvangirai.

  2. Is a country owned? Mugabe believes he ‘owns’ Zimbabwe and why? Because he took it and controls it with force. He is no better than the white colonists who came and seized and owned through force. He is no better than Ian Smith.